Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Power of Dreams and Surrender

One of the most meaningful lessons you will learn in life is that your future begins to be manifested into reality, the moment when you fully focus on your vision, trust in your ideas, and follow where your heart leads you. Successful people see their futures as already being achieved. They believe in their dreams—Always!

The second part of this lesson is that your future is never determined by your present circumstances. People who focus on their present circumstances never move into their future. Remember your future quality of life is always determined by what is in you and never by what is around you! All failures in life always blame what is around them for their excuses and lack of success. The successful will always tell you it was past circumstances that were the motivating factors for their success but never their excuses!

Start everyday like everything was “brand new!” Don’t pollute your new day with the negatives of yesterday. Treat everyone with genuine interest like they were the one person that you were just dying to meet, no matter how frustrating they might have been to you the day before. Give them the same second chance in life that you would want if you screwed up. Put aside your worries and disappointments. Instead look at everything with optimism and hope. Start seeing the good in everything or everyone that you come in contact each new day and soon your days will be filled with blessings and joy.

When I was young I spent much time and effort trying to earn a lot of money so that everyone would think that I was “rich and important!” My whole life changed from the depths of personal failure when I was stunned by the fact that my selfishness to make myself look important was greatest stumbling block.

I also learned a very significant lesson when I finally understood that there was power in the word “surrender.” By surrendering my personal ego and self-righteous pride, my blindness turned into enlightenment. This incredible awakening enable me to access a universal wisdom that life’s higher purpose was to become a positive difference in the life’s other people. Instead of asking “what’s in it for me?”…I started asking, “how can I give of myself to make someone else’s life better?” Today with humbleness, I am now recognized beyond anything that I might have dreamed possible because I have surrendered myself into the service of others. Using the giftedness that God blessed me with to make someone else’s life a little bit better is the greatest reward and personal fulfillment that cannot be matched by any selfish need to feel important.


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