Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Abundant Opportunities

Opportunities are not as elusive as most people think they are! The greatest opportunity is often forged on the brink of the most unpleasant and devastating disaster or adversity. Hence the old adage... "The greater the risk--the greater the reward!" Unfortunately most people wallow in their self-pity about how bad they have it... they never have the "open and alert mind" to recognize the opportunities that have just been created for them as a result of their tough times. Their self-imposed defeatist attitude takes over and they stubbornly refuse to cast-off their self-pity to embrace a positive attitude that is so necessary to overcome their adversity. It is at this moment that you must create a a strong resolve in your mind and you must dig deep to summon up every once of positiveness you can find with yourself to claim victory over whatever is crushing you.

Next you must create a very positive picture in your mind of you breaking through to the finish line to achieve your ultimatevision of success. Your ability to manifest this vision into reality, requires you burn this image into your mind. This positive picture of your enjoying your success must overpower all other negativeness that wants to creep back into your thinking. Get up every morning with a positive resolve that you are going live this day with all the positive gusto you can and keep the most cheerful outlook on everything that comes your way. No more self-pity ever!

Next you must prepare yourself. There is no getting around the fact that you must do your homework! An unprepared person armed with only his or her ignorance who put themselves into the jaws of great risk is a complete fool... headed for disaster. To take advantage of "Opportunity" you must be prepared mentally, you must sharpen your skills, and start conducting yourself with the behaviors of a winner not a loser. If you are having tough times and you think like a loser, talk like a loser, look like a loser, and behave as a loser... you will always be a loser! But... if you are having tough times and you change your thinking to start thinking like a winner and you start talking like a winner, start looking like a winner, and you start behaving like a winner... guess what? Sooner than later... you will become a winner!

Everyday you must do everything with the best effort you can muster and you must do this every single time you try something. Striving to do your best to give your best is always rewarded with equal measure of opportunity. If you want incredible opportunity--you must give incredible effort everyday in everything you do. If you want outstanding opportunities--you must give whatever you do outstanding effort. If you want unbelievable opportunities to come your way--you must dig deep to give the most unbelievable effort you have ever given anything. When you live your life like this everyday... soon you will never have to look for opportunity. Opportunity will come looking for you!


At 6:53 PM, Blogger mgcmanmike said...

Thanks for continually adding to your blog. I enjoy reading them and I send others to the site who are in the mindset to benefit from your offerings. Just wanted to let you know, the time and effort spent posting is not wasted. By the way, why is everyone bashful about contributing comments?

At 10:27 PM, Blogger STARGAZER said...

Hello Dave, I have to say I admire your honesty and appreciate your sharing about your life. I have been a BIG fan of Famous Dave's BBQ Ribs for many years. I just found your personal site and blog today. I want you to know your words really are an inspiration to me. As I read some of your writings and blog postings it was like I was reading about my self. What you said about having a positive attitude and looking for the good things and not the bad things jumped right out at me. I am guilty on all counts there. The part about going for your dreams no matter what was hard to read. I have been so busy working at a job in a factory that I really dont like very much because it pays well I have forgotten what dreams I may have once had. I have been spinning my wheels in a dead end job for so long I thought I never would get out. I think I need to spend some time talking to the Lord and asking for some help to find what my dreams even are and most importantly what His dream is for my life. I had one when I graduated high school but let 35 years of working and raising a family push that dream aside till its just a tiny spark left after a forest fire. IF I was honest even that tiny spark has gone out. Your motivation has brought me to wanting to have a new dream for the rest of my life. I'm tired of just going through the motions day to day of working and paying bills and working some more. I am very blessed that the job I have does pay the bills if I am careful not to spend to much. But I have lost the vision of something I am passionate about. I need to find something I can actually get excited about again.
Thank Dave for helping me see at least a direction I need to work toward. I need to find something I can get focused on. Something to give me reason to keep getting up in the morning, something, a goal for the rest of my life. Lord please help me find that something that can get my spirit fired up again, AMEN.
Thanks Dave, you are a blessing to me and many others I am sure.
God Bless You Brother Dave, John

At 2:49 PM, Blogger bluesky said...

Dave, I have stumbled on to your website by happenstance. I am a young entrepreneur/business owner from the Detroit suburbs living in Milwaukee. I wanted to share some of my personal failures and successes with you and also seek some advice. Your story and success inspires me to become what I dream to be and not be overly content in the life I currently lead. I am a very strong believer in “If you dream it, you can do it” and that a positive mind can determine your reality. Even before “The Secret” was popular, my father and I would talk about these principals and both strongly believed in the power of gratefulness and positivity.

First a bit about me, about ten years ago I was in my early 20’s and had broken off my engagement with my future bride because alas, I was in love with another woman. This other woman and I had been friends for years and as my wedding date grew closer, she informed me of her feelings for me. Unfortunately, I was employed by my fiancé’s brother as an appraiser’s trainee who quickly fired me after the breakup. Long story short I was broke and stuck with a house that I could not afford and I owed the IRS about $10,000 in back taxes. So I moved back in with my parents. Shortly there after the woman I was in love with decided that she did not want me anymore and my whole world was shattered. I was using drugs and at my lowest point I was working odd jobs doing some landscaping. I remember the exact moment I hit rock bottom. I was shoveling manure into a flowerbed and I thought to myself, “That’s it! This will be the last time in my life that I let others dictate what happens to me. From this day forward I will strive for what I want and not take no for an answer.”

Since then I have found a wonderful girl, got married, have two great kids, moved to Milwaukee to start a business, employed two of my best friends and a third guy who needed to get on his feet and my business now profits approximately a half of a million dollars a year. I own a house and a wonderful cottage on a lake with all of the toy’s I have ever dreamed of owning. However, I feel like I need to aspire to greater things.

In the past few years I have reconnected with my creativity and started looking at life through the eyes of my children. I have spent a good part of the vacations in my life as a child and an adult at Walt Disney World. The ideas of entertainment, amusement, theming, and immersion have taken over my creative time. Just over a year ago I started a blog . As I look back and read some of my entries, I am somewhat embarrassed of my poor sentence structure and grammer. However, I am not a writer. I am just a guy with an interest and some imagination. I hope you take the time to read some of my entries.

The reason for me writing you today is that I am at a seemingly important fork in the road. I am a successful business owner. I own a real estate appraisal company and know very little about developing commercial properties. However, I feel like I have some great ideas for a fully immersive indoor entertainment/recreational hotel resort destination that would be the most successful in the country. I am sure by now you have figured out how I came across your website. I know this sounds like a writer chasing down a movie producer with a script saying “please wait read my script.” But, I am not looking for any financial backing, nor do I have a solid business plan or any concept sketches at this point. I just have some great ideas floating around in my head that I was going to share on my blog. But, the more I think about it, I’m not sure that I want to share it with anyone yet. I think that if given the right opportunity I could create a successful business. There is a seminar/workshop coming up at the end of the month at the Kalahari Resort in Ohio at the end of the month covering the developing and financing of hotel waterpark resorts. The registration is about $400 and I was thinking of attending. It would be a start to realizing my dream and just placing myself in the same room with people in the industry couldn’t hurt. I was hoping you could impart some advice on the topic seeing that you have just built the Key Lime Resort. Should I risk the very comfortable life I have created for myself to travel down this road, or do you believe that I would be in over my head at this point without some kind of developing background. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

At 9:34 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Mr. Dave W. Anderson (Famous Dave) is not aware of this but he actually inspired me during my junior year in high school to pursue public administration after I never had the slightest idea where in the world I was heading after high school because my grade point average during my junior year in high school was about 1.18 until Mr. Anderson unknowingly helped me fix it after he was brought in by the Brooklyn Park Rotary Club to speak to STRIVE, of which I was a member in 2003. After listening to Mr. Anderson, I put myself to work during my senior year and man, I won the STRIVE scholarship after I unbelievably raised my grade point average tremendously. Mr. Anderson, you were a God send during that time at that defining moment in my struggling teenage life because I hated school so much due to my poor grade point average. But your stories and recommendation to read the Holy Bible uplifted me--- I read the Bible and Proverbs is one of my favorite. I could relate to your story about the rationed oil container when you were young because I lived through similar experience during my growing up in Liberia, West Africa. Mr. Anderson, I am proud to update you on my progress since you last spoke to us in 2003. I went onto North Hennepin Community College after high school for two years and transferred to Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall and graduated with a bachelor degree in Public Administration. By the way, I graduated with a B grade point average from college and am heading to graduate school.
I am thankful to God for all of you who’ve helped define my future unknowingly.
Best regrads,
Emmanuel S Blimie

At 1:49 PM, Blogger Patricia said...

Your blog has a very good vibe.


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