Monday, October 20, 2008

Dealing With Tough Times

If you think its tough around here…its because we are doing what only the tough can do!

1. First Get Your Emotions Out of Your Thinking
It's only human to get down when faced with crushing times. But you cannot be sick enough to heal the sickness around you. The same way now... you cannot solve your down times by being down on yourself! By removing the emotions from your thinking… because your problem solving thinking needs to be larger than your problems.

2. You Must Consider The Worst Case If All Fails… then come to a conclusion that:
• You will be OK
• You will still have the real things that matter most to you—your family, your health, and your willingness to work.
• Believe that it’s OK to start over if need be

3. Once You Have Considered The Worst—Put It Behind You and From NOW On You Will Only Look To The Future!
• No more pity parties
• This is important—don’t beat yourself up! …you can’t move forward to solve your problems… if you are beating yourself up.
• Only a positive attitude and hard work will help solve your problems
• Be grateful for what you do have
• Be determined that no matter what…you ain’t quittin’!

4. Decide You Are Going To Be a Positive Breath of Fresh Air To Everyone Around You
• Be the steadying force everyone can believe in
• Be confident in who you are, the things you believe in, never losing sight of your vision and your goals

5. Take It One Day At A Time
• Don’t worry about what may never happen—you can’t control the future
• Focus all your energy to making a positive difference now
• Enjoy the moment

6. You Must Communicate With All Your Stakeholders
• Don’t let the fact that you are having a tough time cause you embarrassment to the point where you start hiding from your creditors. Best thing you can do is stay in constant communication with them and let them know everything that is happening.

7. Negotiate
• Just because you had one set of agreements doesn’t mean you can’t go back in and negotiate.—the key is not to be arrogant about it but ask for their help in a win/win sort of way. Don’t negotiate while whining—you must present to your creditors that you are confident of your future and you are not giving up.

8. Give Them Something No Matter How Small The Payment
• Every month give your creditors something even it is just $50. It demonstrates to the creditors that you have their invoice on your mind. They get raving mad if they think that you are stiffing them on purpose and abusing the fact that they put their trust in you—so give them something. This will help immensely until you have things figured out. If you can’t pay something—make sure you call them ahead of time to let them know what’s up.


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