Friday, January 05, 2007

Dave's Thoughts On Success

Somebody once said to me in passing… “Dave it seems like everything you touch turns to gold… I would sure like to be in your shoes just for a day!”

I was somewhat taken back by this remark because the more I thought about it, I quickly realized how much people really don’t understand about what it takes to be successful and even more misunderstood is the fact that unlimited success is available to all people who make a decision to live their lives free of excuses.

I shared the following thought with this friend… “I don’t think so… I don’t know if you could handle the extreme adversity and the most challenging problems that I face on a daily basis and even more than that… I don’t know if you want to force yourself to work like I work everyday!”

This person countered… “It sure sounds like your life is awful especially if you have to work all the time… besides don’t you have enough?

I answered… “On the contrary I am very happy doing what I love to do and I love working because it gives me a great sense of accomplishment and I am constantly amazed at what I am learning all the time. It is this joy of expectation that keeps me excited about what tomorrow is going to bring. And no… I am not working because I am greedy and trying to accumulate more… I am grateful to be blessed with abundance from the fruits of my labors because my success creates job opportunities for many others and I am in a position to share our abundance with those less fortunate. I am thankful to be living in such a great country where I can follow MY dreams! It is so unfortunate that many people spend their whole lives doing something they don’t love to do and then work everyday fulfilling the dreams of someone else because they have no goals or plans for their own life.”

This person than asked if I could share with him the secrets to success from what I have learned the hard way.

I thought for moment and said… “It is really simple… it starts with having an open mind to explore how to develop a meaningful relationship with an Almighty Living God. Success requires a positive cheerful attitude, a willingness to work hard, being responsible and not blaming others for your failures, and then a complete understanding that the problems in your life… are not there to make your life miserable but these problems which often seem like insurmountable crisis’s… are really your opportunities for unlimited success. Most people think that success is limited to only just a few select people… I shared that it only seems that way… because most people run from their problems and only a few are willing to step up and meet these problems head on.

Problems are unlimited so therefore the opportunity for success is unlimited!”

Here’s my understanding of what it takes to be successful…

You need a positive cheerful attitude fueled by a crystal clear vision of your goals in life. This vision must be anchored by the strongest unwavering resolve to never… never… ever quit… until you have manifested your dreams into reality. How you program your mind moment by moment on a daily basis is the secret to creating that deep foundation to your positive attitude and this is what gives substance to your dreams.

Most people go through life without spending any time on a daily basis to develop their minds or investing in on-going education to empower their thinking… and then they wonder why their dreams are so elusive.

Here’s why you need an awake mind that is filled with positive attitudes…

You can never experience the unbelievable rewards of being enormously successful unless you have experienced the sheer terror of facing the most challenging adversity caused by going where you have never gone before… to do the things you have never done before... to experience the success that you have never experienced before!

There will be days that you will wish you never started out on this journey into the unknown. There will be days that it seems that everything around you is crashing in on you… and there is no way out. There will be days when you feel all alone and that all your friends have abandoned you. There will be days that you want to scream to the universe to give you a break because you can’t take it anymore. It is then… that you must dig deep and tell yourself that you are not going to give up on yourself. This is the time that you will need a deep understanding of the greatest power you possess and this power is your spiritual faith.

The greater your success… the greater your effort will have to be give up your own understanding to in order to ask for wisdom from God. The greater your success… the greater your effort to give up your self-righteous pride to do the things you said you would never do! The greater your success… the greater your effort will be to get yourself out of the way and place greater attention to being a servant to other people.

The greater your success… the greater your risk of failure. The greater your success… the more determined you will have to be to jerk yourself out of your comfort zone. The greater your success… the greater your self discipline will have to be… in order for you to change who you are right now.

You cannot be enormously successful being the person you are right now.

The thinking and behavior that got you to where you are today… is not the thinking and behavior that will need to stretch to where you want to grow… tomorrow. Luke 1:37