Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Abundant Opportunities

Opportunities are not as elusive as most people think they are! The greatest opportunity is often forged on the brink of the most unpleasant and devastating disaster or adversity. Hence the old adage... "The greater the risk--the greater the reward!" Unfortunately most people wallow in their self-pity about how bad they have it... they never have the "open and alert mind" to recognize the opportunities that have just been created for them as a result of their tough times. Their self-imposed defeatist attitude takes over and they stubbornly refuse to cast-off their self-pity to embrace a positive attitude that is so necessary to overcome their adversity. It is at this moment that you must create a a strong resolve in your mind and you must dig deep to summon up every once of positiveness you can find with yourself to claim victory over whatever is crushing you.

Next you must create a very positive picture in your mind of you breaking through to the finish line to achieve your ultimatevision of success. Your ability to manifest this vision into reality, requires you burn this image into your mind. This positive picture of your enjoying your success must overpower all other negativeness that wants to creep back into your thinking. Get up every morning with a positive resolve that you are going live this day with all the positive gusto you can and keep the most cheerful outlook on everything that comes your way. No more self-pity ever!

Next you must prepare yourself. There is no getting around the fact that you must do your homework! An unprepared person armed with only his or her ignorance who put themselves into the jaws of great risk is a complete fool... headed for disaster. To take advantage of "Opportunity" you must be prepared mentally, you must sharpen your skills, and start conducting yourself with the behaviors of a winner not a loser. If you are having tough times and you think like a loser, talk like a loser, look like a loser, and behave as a loser... you will always be a loser! But... if you are having tough times and you change your thinking to start thinking like a winner and you start talking like a winner, start looking like a winner, and you start behaving like a winner... guess what? Sooner than later... you will become a winner!

Everyday you must do everything with the best effort you can muster and you must do this every single time you try something. Striving to do your best to give your best is always rewarded with equal measure of opportunity. If you want incredible opportunity--you must give incredible effort everyday in everything you do. If you want outstanding opportunities--you must give whatever you do outstanding effort. If you want unbelievable opportunities to come your way--you must dig deep to give the most unbelievable effort you have ever given anything. When you live your life like this everyday... soon you will never have to look for opportunity. Opportunity will come looking for you!